Monday, August 20, 2012


I cannot resist not to blog this outing ! i must say, my hubby's skill for taking photos has improved alot ! Must say thanks so much to him coz taking so many nice pictures ... just a nice angle ... Beach is my favourite place.. Today (sunday) when i went there, its quite crowded since its a public holiday on monday .. My son is just so happy playing with the sand.. So many cute pictures of him ! Once again, Thanks Hubb ! <3

My outfit of the day ! Maxi dress :)

MY FAVOURITE PICTURE (see below) OH MY. my hubby is awesome .. thanks for the lovely pic hubb !

SNAPS of my son .. he really loves digging those sand .. he loves beach also hahaha.. Dont u think he is adorable ???

The beauty of beach.. Cant stop admiring how lovely sentosa is .. 

Lovely sunset pic... <3 <3 

And last but not least are the pic of me and my son :)

Till next entryy all :) :) :)

many regards
caroline :)

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