Monday, October 22, 2012


What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal. 

~~  Albert Pike ~~

I was mourning when my talented cousin passed away at a young age. She was so talented. The last time i saw her was like 2 years ago.  She didnt look like she had a serious illness ! She looked so strong, healthy and cheerful. 2 years ago, when she just came back from Europe was the first time i saw her again after a decade plus. She resided there for quite some times. And yup, she was one of ZARA in-house designer. I cant describe how talented she was with words. She once told me that her parents actually wanted her to be an engineer but she didn't like any science subjects and rejected the idea. And after she married her husband, she followed him to Europe. She was then accepted in one of designing school. She pursued her career as a designer in ZARA, Spain after graduated. She decided to go back to her hometown, Jakarta 2 years ago. And Yup, she had her own clothing line in Indonesia. She chose to stay in Bali and did all her designing job from there. When her clothing line was starting to be recognized and well known, she found out that she got a late stage of lung cancer. And she was passed away a month ago (September 2012) . I am truly miss her so much ! My favorite cousin. She is an example of an independent and strong woman. I remembered when i called her few months ago after i found out her illness from my aunt. On the phone, she told me she was okay and taking medication so everything was under control. She even told me to take care of myself. Rest in Peace sist. Super proud of her and i believe she is already in a peaceful place called heaven.

The round up of backdated outfits..

MONDAY, 8 October 2012
I Feel like in heaven

Top : LB ; Bottom : OSF ; Outerwear : ISCYBF

WEDNESDAY, 10 October 2012
Red Lips Red Shoes

Top : LRH ; Bottom : Cotton On ; Shoes : Rubi

THURSDAY, 11 October 2012
Glittery Wine

Top : Cotton On ; Bottom : Cotton On ; Outerwear : The Scarlet Room ; Shoes :Gojane

FRIDAY, 12 October 2012
Flowy Dreamy

Top : Cotton On ; Inner Top : LB ; Bottom : Cotton On ; Shoes : Jakarta 

SUNDAY, 14 October 2012
Camo Prints

Top : Cotton On ; Bottom : The Scarlet Room ; Outerwear : Riot Loco ; Booties : Gojane

TUESDAY, 16 October 2012
Back to 70s

Top : Runway Bandit ; Vest : Cotton On ; Pants : Gojane

WEDNESDAY, 17 October 2012
Tie Dye Pink

Top : OSF ; Bottom : LB ; Shoes : Rubi

THURSDAY, 18 October 2012
Blue Peplum on Yellow Floral

Top : Amber Avenue ; Bottom : HVV ; Shoes : Gojane

FRIDAY, 19 October 2012
A Shiny Neon

 Top : OSF ; Bottom : SHopskinned ; Bag : The Scarlet Room

SATURDAY, 20 October 2012
Simple Outfit with Leather Skirt

Top : LB ; Bottom : HVV ; Necklace : OHvola

SUNDAY, 21 October 2012
Earth Tone

Outerwear : Cotton On ; Bottom : The Scarlet Room ; Shoes : New Look

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Monday, October 8, 2012


Two years ago, i was 25 years old when i gave birth to my first child. I remembered how scared i was nearing the due date. I was not afraid of pain i might feel but it was about "will i be a good mother to my son?" "am i ready to enter motherhood club?" "Hows about my career ?" . I went through a cesarean surgery. I strongly opted for normal delivery at the beginning. I still remembered clearly that i experienced continuous contraction at around 2 A.M. on 5th Oct 2010 and my hubby drove me right away to Thomson Medical Center. The pain was like 10 times of menstrual cramps. It came and vanished. Soon after water broke , the pain i felt was even worse. I still wanted for a normal delivery . Waiting the opening to be completed but it didn't progress. Hehehe i couldnt stand the pain ,, I was seriously wailing and screaming. I felt calm after inhale some gas through a face mask but when the effect was subsided, i would wail again. My hubby then decided i better went through a cesarean. And there was my son, born and be a member of this the world after +/- 38 weeks inside my womb on Oct 5th 2010 : 3.4kg/51cm. Perfectly healthy (Thanks God) and he is such an angel for me. I gained 7 kg during pregnancy .. I thought my baby would be small but he was not small !! :D

Now, 2 years later, here he is. he is 13 kg bigger and  40 cm taller. He is smarter. There is always a new thing everyday come from him. What can i ask more? I thank God that till date i still can see him and he is still as healthy as the first time he arrived to the world. Mama and papa just wanna say "we love ya kiddo and we are proud to be your parents" Happy happy birthday :')

A day after he was born

When he was 4 months old

When he was 5 months old

When he was crawling

When he sit for the first time :D

First teeth

When he was 10 months

When he was 11 months

First birthday :D :D muackss super cute :D :D


OFFICIALLY 2 years old !!! LOVE U ALOT AND MORE  !!!!!


Top : Love, Bonito // Bottom : Love, Bonito // Vest : Riot Loco 

Top : CWC // Bottom : Love, Bonito // Clutch : New Look

Top : Shanna // Legging : Cotton On// Jacket : Amber Avenue

Top : Cotton On // Bottom : Megagamie // Stocking : Shanna // Jacket : HVV


Top : Cotton On // Bottom : Thescarletroom // Bag : Thescarletroom

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