Monday, August 6, 2012


Time flies .. and its monday again haiz ! nothing can ever make me happy than spending my days with my son .. Still remember the days we brought him out when he was super small and couldnt walk ... See him now, sometimes makes me teary .. Not because he is sick or something but because he is growing and developing.. I always thank God for his health .. Previous olympics was 2008 and i was still a single woman hehe and now 2012, im a mommy already ! Next olympics, 2016, my son can talk smoothly, fluently.. Ah.. time is running fast folks ! remember to enjoy and cherish every single seconds of it :)

Meanwhile here was my outfits for sunday .. Aztec printed skirt .. Lovely print ! Who can get enough of aztec ?? I matched it with lace top in T-shirt cut and ethnic bangles and necklace to complete the whole look

What do u think of my outfits?

#Thanks to my hubby who takes the photos#

Photos of my son .. He is more focus now if i take photos of him . Last time , He wont stay still and kept running .. Was hard to take a focused photo but now its easier :D

(his blurred face :D)

 (He was posing on the pole.. love love yaa)

 (His one million dollar smile .. muachh)

Till next entry :)

Have a blessed week ahead :)


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