Monday, August 27, 2012


Its a short sentence but got alot of meaning.. Many times we have no confidence in ourselves.. Someone else's grass is always greener. When i was in school, i was not the popular type of girl. I was nerdy and I m not fancy over clothes. My mom only bought me apparel when i had finished my exam and she would see the result of my exam first hehe. Sometimes, inside my heart, I felt envy towards others. Most of the times, i was only in a simple oversized T and baggy jeans during weekend (coz weekdays i was in uniform).. I was very blind about this fashion world. Luckily in my secondary, there was no such thing as bullying. Popular group wouldnt bully minority like me . They just didnt mix with us, thats it. For me, studying was important . Nothing else was matter.. My mom always emphasized to me and my sis , that education was important thus studying hard was needed to get a good result for scholarship. She was true enough, both me and my sis got full ride scholarship. Me in medical school and my sis was ASEAN scholarship. We were never be pampered by mom and dad. There was no such thing as extra allowance for me. My family was not rich.. So, i didnt have the heart to nag to my mom to fulfill my wish list .. Life was never easy but thanks God i am still here today ! I will pass and teach this value to my dear son also :)

Anyway, i was not a popular girl as i mentioned but i had faith in myself. It is so important.. faith in ourselves will keep us standing no matter how terrible the situation around us is. Eventhough u are being bullied, eventhough the popular peers dont want to make friend with u, eventhough u cant buy those pretty outfits everybody else's wear, eventhough ur allowance is only enough to buy decent lunch in school, BUT Faith in yourself will build an integrity and overcome those lacking of confidence problem . We must have faith that all humans are equal, dont let those social or financial status become a barrier for u to move forward, dont let any harsh words or mocks from other let u down. Have faith that in the end , everything will be fine.

I saw a tee with "FAITH" word in it in cotton on.. Love those 5 letters words :)

Here r some of my outfits i wanna share :)


Top : Cotton on ; Bottom : Runway Bandits ; Bag : The Scarlet Room


Its taken with my phone and edit with instagram.. damn cool ! me love it :D 
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(the love of my life , he is seriously my super best friend <3 u always baby T)


Top : Agneselle ; Bottom : Klarra ; Shoes : Gojane ; Necklace : LBV

(His ultimate style if i wanna take photo : sitting or squatting :P)

Till next entry all :) and have a bless week ahead kay :)


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