Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Been looking a floral blazerrr ever since floral is a trend in spring/summer 2012 ... This red floral on a white based blazer caught my eyes .. the beauty of its floral blazer is just amazed me .. from cutting, from print .. everythg is just perfect ! thanks to MGG :D

This look actually is a simple look.. i just want ppl who r around feel the summer hype also .. many brights colours here : green fro necklace and yellow for my short ... additional of this look is my top .. u can see the beads .. sparkle ,, neat .. perfect .. me loves the top :D

What Do u think of the look ?

Below photo : back part of the blazer.. u can see clearly the prints

the below photo is actually candid :D coz my bangles r stuck :D

UP AND CLOSE of the prints and my top beads <3

Till next entryy guys.. will shareee many good stuff .. promise <3


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