Thursday, July 5, 2012


I didnt blog much about my outfit becoz my camera was spoilt :(( will start to blog more about outfit earliest by next week (cross fingers)

I just wanna share some snap pictures of my sons since he was small . Becoz too many pictures. I will post some now and will blog more next time :)

He is so cute :) i cant believe time flies so fast. In next couple of months will be 2 years old . And  he is my sunshine. He always accompanies me. I still remember the day he was born. He looked so small, fragile, so weak .. But now if i look at him. He is so active. He can run so fast, climb the bed or the chair. He wanna knows many things. He even can say no by shaking his head or crying or pushing away the food he doesn't like :)

I never regret to choose raising him up by myself. I'm actually a medical doctor. Graduate from medical school. 6 years in uni till i get my professional degree is not a joke. But then ,, when he was born, i knew i had to decide. Im glad i made a right choice. He will be small once but we can always go back to a work environment anytime. I'm so glad im able to see him everyday, growing bigger and healthier.

Many times I said to my hubby, about my medical school friends' achievement either continuing their school or working in a big company or having their own private clinics. But what my hubby told me is seriously surprised me. He said "being a mother is a biggest achievement for woman". I just wanna thank him for being a lovely husband and a great daddy :)

For my son,, i just wanna say I love ya :) always be healthy .. 

For my hubby,, i just wanna say I love ya so much .. I'm so lucky for having u in my life :)

So many outfits I wanna share :) in next entryyy <3



  1. Hi Caroline!
    You're such a strong woman! I totally agree with you.. those foundation years are just too precious to be missed. Do you plan to return to the medicine one day?

    1. haiii :D thanksss :) yaa,,, many ppl asked me why i shud sacrificing all my effort in med school to be a housewife with loads of household chores when i can put my son in child care and i go back work.. But yaa u are riteee that those first few years in their life is just too precious to be missed :) one day i will be back .. when my son is bigger and more matured :)

      thankss for ur comment dear :D